Although the intention is good, family members who offer their help will often fix the problem and walk away leaving you wondering “How Did they Do that” and “Why did that happen”.

However if they do not show you how to do it for yourselves you will struggle when it happens again. Sometimes they will move so quickly you don’t have a chance to keep up or even see what they did! Learning from family can create all sorts of problems. You generally don’t want to  bother them and take up their time, or worse, you end up fighting with them!

We offer private lessons in the comfort of your home with teachers NOT technicians! By bringing our lessons into the home we enable our clients to learn on their own equipment.

You may want to invite a few of your friends to join you in a group lesson, we are happy to offer this service too.

You may be a member of an association or a golf club or live in a community with a meeting room. We can offer seminars or large group sessions in fact we can customize your requirement to make this learning experience a friendly, relaxed and fun filled time!

Our goal is to leave you with instructions and a folder for you to keep all your lesson information for further use.

  1. We are also able to set up a new device for you so if you have purchased it yourself or received it as a gift, be assured we will have it all up and running ready for you to use.

  2. Do you want to take and keep treasured photos of your children and grandchildren and send them to your friends? We will show you how.

  3. How about learning how to use Skype or Facetime so you can keep in touch with your family out of state or even abroad, we will show you how.

  4. If you are planning on purchasing a new device or gadget we can help to recommend the best and user-friendly item suitable for your needs.

  • We understand that each individual will learn differently. Some will prefer to have the task explained in detail while others will simply want hands on experience. Some may require demonstrations and others a deeper understanding of the reasons for certain results.

  • We believe if someone isn’t learning, it’s because someone’s not teaching.’

  • A key aspect to a creating a successful outcome is motivation. We will not tell you what you need to learn. We will ask you what you are interested in.

  • We will make it fun!

Learn how to make modern technology work for you in your own home. Our service is designed specifically for seniors and addresses individual needs.